Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the changeable messenger. Mercury, while notable for his ability to move between worlds, is also in constant service to others, as is Virgo. For Virgo, service is a means to self-discovery and full participation in life. Virgo’s perfectionistic drive presses it to achieve ever greater heights of service and potential, but the dark side of this turns Virgo into a martyr who neglects itself for fear of exposing its flaws.


Card includes crystals, felt grid, instructions, affirmations and quality of each crystal. Crystal grids are made by the placement of stones in a geometric pattern for the specific purpose of directing energy toward a goal. The stones or crystals are then charged by your intention and energy.





Virgo Constellation Crystal

SKU: VirgoCR
  • Virgo Zodiac Constellation crystal grid crystals included

    - One 4" x 6" Instruction card ( picture showed back and front of the card, you will receive one card printed on both front and back)
    - One Moss Agate
    - One Pyrite
    - One Rose quartz
    - One Amethyst
    - One Opalite
    - One Sacred Geometry felt grid

    Card includes instructions, affirmations and quality of each crystal.

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