Capricorn New Moon Ritual

Capricorn—the sign of all things practical, loyal, and real—comes through to usher us into 2018. With Capricorn energy, there is no glitz to hide behind. No fantasy. No ideal you. No mood boards. No resolutions list. It's a no-frills look at who you really are and an opportunity to accept it. The new moon is all about balance from the hustle.

My dear friend Peter who is the creator of “The Healing Circle” Goes in depth with moon phases. Peter explains that: “The transition to Capricorn is of importance since this is a feminine Earth sign. This opens us all to a period of building — what we have been exploring over the past two and a half years can now be concretized. As you will see in the illustration, the Sea-Goat is perched upon the mountain and this is the edifice we are now building in our lives. This is where we can really step into our own creation.” In his article, he gives us all tools to help us work with the period to greatest effect. See below on how to do just that

Working with the Moon

As always, I am going to begin by repeating our list of observances to help us work with this period to greatest effect.

• Write each of your wishes by hand on a piece of paper or card. • Each wish should concern one thing only • Write more than one wish, for their activating effect • Make more than one wish around especially important issues! • Make up your list to a total of nine wishes • Write each wish separately • Make wishes concerning yourself only • Add the date to your wishes and keep them safe!

Further thoughts on Moon Work For those of us who make this a regular feature of our Lunar Month, it is interesting to see what has come to pass since our first wishes! What is coming in? What is leaving? What do we truly desire? On the one hand, we very often censor our desires — telling ourselves that we can't have this or that. And on the other hand, we at times ask for too much too quick AND we get it! Working with the Moon is not only about "getting the balance" but about doing our Soul Work. By this, I mean getting more into alignment with our Soul's project for us on earth. The more aligned we are inside, the more things are going to flow outside. If you are interested in learning more about the healing circle and Peter Jeffs work click below.

A little about the Healing Circle and Pete Jeffs: The vocation of the Healing Circle is to take us back into the greater cycles and help us navigate our passage between the forest and the stars.

Pete Jeffs: Trained as a Reiki Master Teacher (2011 – 2016) and a qualified Kinesiologist (Associate ASK, Bristol School of Advanced Kinesiology, 2016).

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